Discover the potential in your brand through social channels

User-generated content plays an important part in helping consumers purchase their products or service online. Whilst the sheer scale of sites like Facebook attract attention, we must be mindful of how to invest our time and budget in social media to create brand and business benefits. Ultimately, return on investment does matter.

Developments in Internet technology have affected consumer behaviour in so many ways. One fundamental change concerns the source of, and sheer amount of content that consumers seek out. For example, the modern day consumer feel empowered and enjoys the process of planning a holiday online, which would only have been a dream in the past.


What has changed about the information they use is that much of it is now created by consumers themselves, rather than companies.
“Social Media” basically refers to those web platforms and areas of websites where consumers communicate with each other about whatever they like; usually focused around a particular community of interest.

Research shows that some people are inclined to comment and communicate more than others, and that some of these people emerge as expert bloggers and commentators within these communities of interest – ‘key influencers’ (Jupiter Research).


The Type of site that you’re on depends on the type of business that you are. For example, if you’re more b2b (business to business) then you’ll most likely want to be on Linked In above others.

If you’re more b2c (business to consumer) you’ll probably want to be on Facebook.

There are many different combinations and it’s best to talk directly to a social media specialist so that they can advise you on which services will best suit your needs.


At Torque Creations we understand how to find these ‘key influencers’ within different industry-related communities and can help your company develop a sustainable and efficient social media strategy.

We’ll help you understand what and where people are talking about you within the social media environment and then help develop an engagement strategy using relevant and valuable content; this can be anything from a piece of information to a platform-specific offering.

Getting the right formula as described above is crucial in social media. But we think we have the process down to a tee:

1 First we chat with you about what you want to gain from a social media campaign.

2We analyse your competitors, your market and what would best suit your needs.

3 For larger campaigns, we’ll draw up a social media plan to determine the best possible route for you.
We’ll sign this off with you and make sure you’re happy.

4 You sit back and enjoy the results of your brand new social media campaign.